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The ideal feature of SBCGlobal Email is that the user can set up this email service to any device. SBCGlobal is an adequate way in which the users can send and receive messages. The users can also easily setup SBCGlobal email to Thunderbird. The users would simply have to enter the POP3 and IMAP settings. The users can learn more about this process by connecting with SBCGlobal Customer Care Number

Configure SBCGLOBAL Email With Mozilla Thunderbird

Issue in configuring SBCGlobal Email with Thunderbird

Some common issues which the users come across while configuring SBCGlobal email with Thunderbird are as given below:

• The users face issues while trying to find out Spam emails in SBCGlobal Emails.
• Malfunctioning while trying to configure emails to Thunderbird.
• Unmerging the SBCGlobal in Thunderbird.
• When the users try to keep the SBC email id after cancellation.
• Encountering threads in your SBCGlobal email.

Process of configuring SBCGlobal with Thunderbird

The most accurate way in which the users can configure SBCGlobal with Thunderbird is as given below: setting of IMAP with Thunderbird

• The users would have to open the main menu.
• Then the users would then have to click on the email and further press the ‘Next’ option.
• Now select the main menu and choose the option of Add.
• Further, choose the account type to be (IMAP).
• Then you would have to use your username and email password.
• Then you would click on ‘Next.’

Procedure for setting up an incoming email server

• The users would have to enter the port number 993.
• Further, enter the username and password of your account.
• Then you would have to select the security SSL.
• In the end, verify the email settings of SBCGlobal and Thunderbird.

Procedure for setting up an outgoing email server

• The user would have to enter the email address and password.
• Then the users should enter the port of outgoing email server as 465.
• Now select the option of security SSL.
• Further, you would have to verify the account settings by clicking on ‘Next.

By following the above-given steps, the users would efficiently be able to configure SBCGlobal email with Mozilla Thunderbird. The users also have the option of connecting with SBCGlobal Support Number. By connecting with them, the users get complete guidance on how to Configure SBCGLOBAL Email With Mozilla Thunderbird. The customer support executives at this service are highly trained and professional. They ensure that the issue is completely eradicated. The executives always focus on providing complete customer satisfaction.